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“We are a slow food kitchen, hopefully you take time to enjoy it!”

Julieta is a name worth to remember. Julieta Enriquez Velasco was born in Poblacion Mabini, Pangasinan Province in the Philippines. An everyday grandmother who taught her grandson Zachary all the basics of cooking. Julieta is an Asian fusion restaurant.

Our concept We try to create the best Asian flavors by combining Western cooking techniques. Also that Chef Zachary tries to give more Filipino flavor to every dishes he makes.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old neighborhood with in the center of The Hague, Netherlands. Our restaurant has 10 tables, 40 seats and has a terrace of  16 seats. The neighborhood is just around the busy area of ​​the Denneweg, right behind the Lange Voorhout, around the corner from the famous elegant hotel Des Indes.

Employee 1 cook and 1 waiter

History of the Restaurant

There was a restaurant on this spot as early as the 1930s. Eliza Kalma from Friesland was first a diplomatic cook at the British and French embassies, among others. Later she also worked for an artist collective De Vrije Studio. When she started her own business as a chef here at 14 Hooikade in 1936, she called her eatery Chez Eliza. She had a regular clientele among the chic artists, who already enjoyed her cooking on the Lange Voorhout. Artists also exhibited their art at Eliza’s restaurant. She cooked international dishes with her Italian friend, which was quite unique for that time. When the war broke out the love did not last, Bartolomeo Gei (an Italian migrant) turned out to be for the Germans and he wanted to cook for the Germans, but Eliza was not pleased and went to the Molenstraat/Koningspoort to find Eliza’s Flight. start, many resistance fighters came to her dinner and could safely make plans in secret and continue to exhibit their art. After the war she went back to this place on the Hooikade, Bartolomeo had already fled with all her belongings to Italy, but due to lack of clients she quickly stopped and emigrated to New Zealand, where it ended less fortunately for her. She eventually died blind of old age.

Later it was run under the same name by the Ter Mate family (Frans Ter Mate). Just after the war, the restaurant was renovated with the current arches and Delft blue tiles (which are now under the wallpaper). The Ter Mate family kept the name Chez Eliza until the end (2005) and also corresponded for a long time with Eliza about recipes and the progress of the case. They had traditional cuisine with most French flavor.

From 2005 this restaurant was called ‘Zo uit de Zee’. It was a popular seafood restaurant, which also had national fame. Many prominent people came here to eat fresh fish and shellfish. They only lasted 7 years.

Restaurant Caroni was housed in this restaurant for the past 7 years. They served Italian dishes, mostly pastas. The family atmosphere and good wines made the restaurant one of the nicest dining places of the time.

Now (as of April 2019) Julieta is based here. Julieta Enriqeuz Velasco was the grandmother of chef Zachary John Estrada Velasco. She taught him the culinary art of Filipino cuisine at a young age. In the Netherlands, Zachary completed cooking training and last worked at Karel de V-de in Utrecht. The dishes now are mainly a fusion of international dishes. The Filipino cuisine is already a fusion kitchen of its own, with Spanish, (Latin) American and Asian influences. Together with Bernard Tesink (Grandi Vini, from Oudewater we serve a good wine list. The wines are selected to complement the flavors on the menu. If desired, we can serve the appropriate wines with the dishes.

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